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bed regrinding lathe

  • Where to get a bed regrind? | Model Engineer

     · Myford still do bed regrinding. (the new Myford company that is). They quoted me 495 Pounds for an ML7 bed regrind and 165 Pounds for the saddle regrind, just a month or two ago. I''ll be getting out the scrapers st of international shipping on …

  • I have a cunning plan* for a lathe bed regrind

     · The cost for the bed grind to the OP "all up" with transport plus intangibles - and contingencies - etc. would not have left much change from AU$4,000. This lathe is not bad at all and would suit me fine - AU$4,350 and I''d expect to get it at under AU$4,000.

  • All Information You Need About Diy Lathe Bed Grinding

    Regrinding Lathe Bed Ways - Practical Machinist great Small lathe, short bed, more problems vs a large lathe and long bed. The Star is fairly small and short. The 0.015 is an amount that would be ...

  • Pre-owned Lathes

    Procedures used in Factory Bed & Saddle Regrinding All Lathe models The nominal thickness of the shears (bedways) on a finished new Myford bed is approximately 0.5" (12.70mm). The maximum that may be removed from the top of the bed is 0.025" (0

  • Way Grinding For Machine Tools

    PHONE 860 355-1382 Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding is a Connecticut based machine tool rebuilder with large precision machinery slide box way grinding capabilities and skills. We have been rebuilding, repairing, retrofitting and way grinding since 1980.

  • Special Purpose – Blue Diamond Machine Tools Ltd

    Blue Diamond Machine Tools can design and build special purpose machines to suit your needs or alternatively we can rebuild or update your existing machinery. We have built simple angle milling devices for horizontal borers to a full manufacturing facility. We have rebuilt various machines for clients from friction welders to riveting machines.

  • Regrinding Lathe Bed Ways

     · Regrinding Lathe Bed Ways I have a 1916 vintage Seneca Falls Star #20 lathe that''s in need of some attention. Believe it or not over the last 100 or so years the bed ways have worn to the point it''s difficult to make some parts. As you might expect the first 16 ...

  • Better Beds and Saddles.

    option of regrinding the bed alone has unwittingly misled some buyers inspecting pre-owned Myford Lathes offered by used equipment suppliers. To many a smooth, clean lathe bed is a sign that the lathe has been cared for and not subjected to heavy wear.

  • How expensive is regrinding lathe ways and saddle? | The …

     · Aug 23, 2011. #2. Well, it varies quite a bit, but on that small a lathe, I would expect >$500. BUT, and it''s a BIG BUT, everything changes it''s vertical position when grinding a bed. Especially the apron assembly. If you shim for that, you have to contend with the gearbox that drives the leadscrew, etc. Think it out carefully.

  • Schmiede Corporation | Way Grinding

    Have your machine tool sliding surfaces ground to new machine condition & accuracy or better Typical way grinding tolerances to 0.0001″/ft 1/5 the cost of hand scraping Grinders equipped with digital readouts or CNC controls. Fast service Also available: 48″ …

  • Used lathe

    There are two types of bed for the Series 7 lathes. The earlier bed, referred to as a narrow guide bed was discontinued in 1972 at S/N K107657 for ML7 lathes and S/N SK108891B for Super 7 lathes. Check these and 254 Lathe beds with a 0-1in. (0-25mm) micrometer to measure for wear on the thickness of the bedways (shears).

  • reground Hercus 9, 40 inch bed

    reground Hercus 9, 40 inch bed-----part 00 Although new beds are being considered, there are no plans at this stage, due to cost restrictions. option.1. This is an exchange service, your existing bed needs to be stripped of all parts, thoroughly cleaned and fit

  • Typical Lathe Rebuild Procedure | Bring your old machine back to …

    Typical Lathe Rebuild Procedure | Bring your old machine back to new. Here is a 26" LeBlond gap bed lathe as it appeared prior to the rebuilding process. The lathe will be tested under power to verify the proper operation of all functions. Notes will be made of any problems which need to be corrected. This is a rear view of the same machine.

  • Machine Tool Rebuilding, Machinery Rebuilders, Cavco Machine …

    machine tool rebuilding, cnc retrofitting, way grinding, elecrical and mechanical field service. The rebuilding of both production and tool room machinery. Cavco Machine Tool Rebuilding is a Connecticut based machine rebuilder. As machinery and machine tool ...

  • Unislide Grinding » Lathes

    Lathes. We specialise in rebuilding and refurbishing a wide selection of lathes to the very highest levels of quality and professionalism. Mastiff New Type. Mastiff New Type Front View. Mastiff 80 o Machine. Gate Geminis lathe rebuild undergoing full rebuild. Harrison M300 full rebuild.

  • HERCUS 9

    hercus 9 or 260 lathe saddle-- part Nos.17, 5H701. $80.00. Used hercus lathe saddle 9 inch model shown can supply type to suit 260 as well, .. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List.

  • ADVICE, Aftermath of a Lathe Bed regrind. | Model Engineer

     · Since you don''t have a gap bed on this lathe type I would personally consider turcite if you are going to all this effort. I have an equivalent on the underside of the carriage on my new to me lathe that is almost finished rebuilt, in addition I plan to use it on the back of the knee and underside of the saddle of my bridgeport when I get to that stage in the rebuild.

  • Heart of the Rebuild Process | Bring your old machine back to new

    Here we are grinding a 21" Colchester lathe bed. The casting is first rough ground and then allowed to cool for a number of hours in order for it to stabilize from the heat generated. When finish grinding we remove not more than .0001 per pass while flooding the casting with coolant.

  • Rebuilding Services – Blue Diamond Machine Tools Ltd

    Rebuilding. Blue Diamond Machine Tools can rebuild your machines if this is required during maintenance. At Blue Diamond Machine Tools we pride ourselves on our ability to rebuild and refurbish almost any type of machine, including grinders, lathes, friction welders, mills, saws, slotters and more.

  • I have a cunning plan* for a lathe bed regrind

     · And you will have to some degree a much more accuract lathe than you did before regrinding the bedways. It may not get you .0000001" accuracy, but it will be much better than before. I''m fixing to find out on my 20" Lodge & Shipley lathe in the weeks to come.

  • HLV-H bed plate regrind

     · HLV-H bed plate regrind. I''m finally renovating my 1968 Hardinge HLV-H. Here is a photo of the bed plate and casting: Bedplate Thickness. After removing the rack and cleaning away gunk I can measure the thickness of the bed plate along its front edge. I get 0.8805 just in front of the headstock and 0.8810 at the tail end.

  • I have a cunning plan* for a lathe bed regrind

     · My lathe bed has seen better days and could do with some attention. I''m a while off doing something about it but came up with a plan that I thought I''d toss out there for suggestions and comment. I have two issues. One is that one of it''s many previous owners didn ...

  • Lathe bed regrinding (Robert Bastow)

    I guess it is time for me to "Put Up or shut Up" 8^o The last lathe bed I had reground was in about 1983. It was a Smart & Browne Model A 10" x 24" The grinding was done in Cambridge, Ontario and cost IIRC about Can$125.00 at the time. I drove up there, with

  • Worn lathe bed to be reground or planar milled? | The Hobby …

     · I have a Litton brand table top lathe made for glassworking which has a handwheel operated tailstock that is driveshaft driven to be in sync with the headstock. Neither the bed or the tailstock ways are hardened. There is no oil lube system. The original factory ground ...

  • Colchester Student worn lathe bed | Model Engineer

     · I have attached some pictures to demonstrate the issue but basically I acquired this lathe (Colchester Student MK1) about 12 months ago and it looks like it was used heavily in a factory setting (the bed feels about 0.5mm worn at the worst point).

  • I have a cunning plan* for a lathe bed regrind

     · My lathe''s headstock is cast integral to the bed, so I must mount a test bar (hollow, large diameter), zero it, and then level the lathe so that the test bar is dead level with zero runout. Using other levels and straightedges I plan to check progress when scraping the flat ways to ensure parallelism.

  • At what point is a lathe bed too far gone? | The Hobby-Machinist

     · Nov 28, 2018. #2. more than .005" bed wear is too far gone. as nice as the Clausing lathes are, the time and money invested in trying to scrape more than that is not worth the effort for the lathe in question. you would be better off finding another candidate, if you are looking for an excuse to learn scraping.

  • Bed Grinding & Restoration

    Myford offer a Bed re-grinding service to owners of tired and worn Myford Lathes at quite a reasonable cost of around £170, plus carriage both ways of course. The service comprises bed regrinding, including feet and top surface of bed, grind …

  • Rebuild / Remanufacturing | Monarch Lathes

    Our innovative programs are designed to restore your existing lathe to its original accuracy on alignments and spindle run-outs. Rebuilding. Remanufacturing. Our Rebuilding Program includes the following: Bed and carriage regrinding. Machine realignment. Wiper and gib replacement. Options include: Leadscrew replacement.

  • atlas bed regrind / go with newer lathe

     · Two weeks ago I purchased a South Bend Heavy Ten Toolroom Cabinet Base lathe that except for some bed ware is in excellent condition. It looks identical and has the same equipment, taper attachment, 5C collet drawbar and collet rack, thread dial. expanded thread range QC box and a 2 speed motor with pushbutton control that the new 2002 SB Toolroom …

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